10,000 visits to our LRC Blog!

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Our LRC Blog started on March 25th, 2009 and we have now had 10,000 visits!! 

It is very exciting to see how many people have visited our LRC Blog.  Our ClustrMap and Flag Counter show us that we now have visitors from lots of different countries.  

Thank you to all of the people who visit our blog and especially those who keep coming back to see what we do in our LRC or to find out about their favourite books, authors and illustrators.  Thank you too to the people who take the time to leave a comment – we love hearing from you!

We made it to 4000 visits – just!

This morning when I logged onto our LRC blog I was excited to see that overnight we had our 4000th visitor.  Our Clustrmap goes back to zero dots at the end of 12 months (Tomorrow!) and we wanted to reach 4000 visits before the dots disappeared.  We did it with a day up our sleeve!! 

Here is a screen capture of our Clustrmap – click on the picture to make it bigger!

clustr_map_2010 (Medium) 

Welcome back – WE is greater than me

We is greater then me   

 Welcome back everyone!  As you know, each year at our school we have a motto to guide our learning though the year.  This year it is

“WE is greater than me”

We can learn a lot on our own BUT we can learn even more with and from others who share our interests.  This year at SMOT we are focusing on developing our own Personal Learning Networks (PLNs).   We will be exploring ways that we can connect with other people to learn and achieve even more together.  Our PLN can be made up of family, friends, classmates,  students at SMOT and other schools as well as experts and people from all over the world!  We are going to have an exciting year of learning at SMOT as we connect and learn from and with  people from near and far! 

Our LRC Blog is already helping us to develop our PLNs by connecting us with people from around the globe who are interested in what we do in our LRC – just look at the dots on our ClustrMap! 

Think about your Personal Learning Network (PLN)….

Who shares your interests?

Who helps you to learn?

How do you learn?

Where do you learn?


3000 visits!

Exciting news…

Our ClustrMap shows that we have reached free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com visits on our LRC Blog page!!  We had hoped we might reach 3000 before the end of the year and we have achieved our goal! A BIG thanks to all of those people who have visited our LRC Blog!  It is exciting to see that we are getting visitors from other countries as well as teachers and students from our school who have visited our blog when on holidays in other countries.  A BIG thanks to Mrs Viola who is responsible for all of the dots in Italy!!