Our 38-storey treehouse

The Grade 3 and 4 students enjoyed listening to “The 13-storey Treehouse” by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton and many have bought their own copy! 

They also had lots of fun taking their imaginations for a walk and designing either a room for a treehouse or a whole treehouse.  

We now have our very own 38-storey treehouse in the LRC!

Come and have a look at our treehouse rooms and treehouses…


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Do you have a favourite one?

The Five Senses of Love

Last term Mrs Vincent was looking for a great book to read to 1JV for their Inquiry unit on The Five Senses.  Miss Y  lent them a beautiful new book in our LRC called “The Fives Senses of Love” by Janet Parsons .  

1JV  have written their own heart-shaped book with ways they SEE, HEAR, FEEL, SMELL and TASTE love.  I think it will touch your heart… 

(Watch it in full screen to read the writing!)

The Pocket Dogs by Margaret Wild

The Preps have been reading books by Margaret Wild this term in the LRC. They have really enjoyed “The Pocket Dogs’ and “The Pocket Dogs go on holiday”.

Biff and Buff are Pocket Dogs and they belong to Mr Pockets. They travel with Mr Pockets in the pockets of his coat until one day Biff’s pocket gets a hole in it and poor Biff falls out and lands on his head! Finally Mr Pockets and Buff find Biff and Mr Pockets sews up the hole in Biff’s pocket so he doesn’t fall out again.

The Preps in PC, PG and PJC were very creative and designed patterns for Mr Pockets’ coat pockets…

The Dewey Decimal System

The Grade Fours are learning about how books are organised in the Non Fiction section using The Dewey Decimal System.

In 1847 an American librarian named Melville Dewey made up a way of classifying books called the ‘Dewey Decimal Classification System’.  This system is now used in most libraries all over the world.  It uses 10 categories of numbers, with decimal places to group similar things together. You can find out more about the 10 categories by reading Dewey and the Alien.



Imagine what our Non Fiction section might look like without the Dewey Decimal System!


Sharks at the Melbourne Aquarium

The Grade One and Two classes went on an excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium for their Inquiry topic this term called “Warriors of the Sea”. In the LRC we are finding out lots of things about sharks. This is what some of the students wrote about seeing the sharks at the aquarium.