Happy 7th Birthday to our LRC Blog!

Our St Martin’s LRC Blog is 7 years old!

On February 19th, 2009 I wrote my first blog post for our LRC Blog, a place where we could “talk about books and share the work and activities we do in our LRC”.  Since then 461 blog posts have been written, we have had 2,393 comments and people from over 160 countries have visited. We don’t have an accurate number of visitors anymore (since SiteMeter stopped working), but we know it’s more than 70,000 visitors which we reached in September, 2014. 

More importantly, our LRC blog has enabled us to share beyond our four walls and I’m especially grateful for all of the connections it has allowed us to make within and beyond our school community. I couldn’t imagine our library without our LRC Blog…

Seven! Coralie Mercier via Compfight