Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge

Jambo reading

Click on the picture below to visit our LRC Weebly to learn more about the Premiers’ Reading Challenge…


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87 thoughts on “Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge

  1. Hi Miss Yeomans

    I think it is a great idea to do the PRC and I think you are a great library teacher to give us the CHOICE to do it.


  2. Hi Mary

    The PRC is a great way to enjoy reading! I hope that students like you who enjoy reading will have fun being able to challenge yourselves to read lots of great books and try different genres and authors. (I don’t think it would help you to like reading if you had to do the PRC)

    Miss Y :)

  3. I can’t wait till I have read my first book! I think this will be a good way for me to keep track of how many books I read through out the year!
    P.S Love the picture up the top!! So cute

    Alice 5w :)

  4. Hi Alice

    It’s great that you have joined the PRC! It’s a fun way to keep track of your reading and you are part of a huge community of readers too.

    This is one of my favourite photos of Jambo. I wish he could read because he could read to me each night!

    I have finished the eighth Specky Magee and will give it to you on Friday. (It was a great read!)

    Miss Y :)

  5. Hi Hannah

    If you look carefully on this PRC page you will find the answer!

    You will need to read 15 books

    Miss Y :)

  6. Hi Miss Y,

    My favourite book is Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw.

    From Marc :)

  7. Hi Marc

    Thanks for telling us about your favourite book. I know lots of our students read the Wimpy Kid books!

    Why do you like “The Last Straw” the most?

    Miss Y :)

  8. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    At OLMC we have books in the library that have PRC for Premiers Reading Challenge on the spine so we know which ones to pick. We also have pink booklets to fill in of what books we have read.
    It’s so cool!

    Alex. R

  9. Hi Alex

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the PRC and I hope it will encourage you to try new authors and genres!

    I haven’t got PRC spine stickers – I’ll see how we go as this is our first year of the PRC. Students have Home Reading Diaries so they can record their PRC books there as well as online.

    We have about 130 students participating in the PRC so far.

    Thanks for sharing what your LRC does with the PRC Alex!

    Miss Y :)

  10. Hi Miss Yeomans :-D,
    I forgot to tell you that I want to do the PRC. :-(
    Can I still do it? If so, how?
    Thanks, Monica 😉

  11. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    I finished The Floods – the Great Outdoors yesterday but I don’t have The Floods – Top Gear yet! I reserved it from my local libary and it came out today on the shelf but the library is closed!!!!! So I have to go another day without reading!!!!!! By the way iIchecked out the floods web. IT WAS AWESOME!

  12. Hi Emily

    Oh no, what a shame the Library wasn’t open for you…. I’m sure you will be there as soon as it opens tomorrow! The rate you are going you will be ready for the latest Floods book called “Lost” that I have just bought for our LRC.

    I knew you would enjoy The Floods website – it’s very clever.

    Have great holiday Emily and enjoy having the time to READ…

    Miss Y :)

  13. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    I was just wondering with the PRC am I allowed to read books from year 5 to 6 since I am in year 4
    because I was just going to start reading Just a Dog by Michael Gerard Bauer but it said year 5 to 6 so I asked you for help or do i just put it on to my choice of books?

    Hope you have a great holiday Miss Yeomans!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi Grace

    You certainly can read “Just a Dog” – I know you will love it like I did!! (You might need your tissues though).

    You can read books from the 5-6 level if they are suitable for you. It was a great idea to check with me first.

    I am thrilled because “Just a Dog” has been short-listed for the Children’s Book of the Year for Younger Readers.

    You can add “Just a Dog” to your Challenge list Grace.

    I hope you’re enjoying your holidays!

    Miss Y :)

  15. Hi Miss Yeomans

    I sure did need the tissues! at the first I was crying happy tears and at the end part of the story I was crying sad tears. Another question – if a book is on the list but is for another year but i want to put it in choice books? Am I allowed to do that to because of my age?

    Hope you are having a lovely holiday!!!!!!!!!


  16. Hi Grace

    “Just a Dog” is a wonderful story isn’t it. If you have a dog you can really relate to it. I often thought of Jambo while I was reading the story.

    Yes you can add “Just a Dog” as a Choice book even if it is not your grade level. I actually think it is a great book for Grade 3 and up.

    I wonder what you are going to read now after you have enjoyed “Just a Dog” so much…

    Enjoy the sunshine Grace!

    Miss Y :)

  17. Hi Miss Yeomans,

    Finished Floods number 9!(yay!) I reserved number 10, Lost but I can’t get it because it’s a public holiday. More and more bad luck keeps coming! Please tell me that you are getting Floods, Lost in soon! I had a spare book but that only lasted 2 days! (waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh)
    from Emily 4V

    p.s. Having problems with PRC blog its going on the side of the screen at the bottom of the screen waaaaaahhhhhhhh that just upsets me more with the bad luck!!

  18. Hi Emily

    Congratulations on finishing the ninth Floods book – a top effort!

    The good news is…I have a copy of “Lost” and it’s on the New Books stand right now to show the classes this week. You can borrow it soon!

    Miss Y :)

  19. Hi Miss Yeomans

    I’m really happy that I have joined the Reading Challenge. Now Im reading THE ENCHANTED WOOD! This is an exciting and adventurous book.

    Bianca C

  20. Hi Bianca

    I’m glad you are enjoying the Reading Challenge and discovering lots of great books to read!

    When I was about your age, Enid Blyton’s books were my favourites. I loved reading The Magic Faraway Tree and the Enchanted Wood. I also liked the Famous Five, Secret Seven and The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor books (and I still have my copies of these books!).

    Happy reading Bianca

    Miss Y :)

  21. I’m enjoying doing the PRC so much!! Now i have decided to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s motivating me a little bit more.

    Good luck for the Roos miss Y! I’m so excited Saints won!!!!!!!!

    Alice 5w

  22. Hi Alice

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Let me know if I can recommend any more great books for you to enjoy reading for the PRC.

    Great win by the Saints! They seem to be getting gaining their confidence. I’m very disappointed with the Roos because we led for three quarters. Jonathon Brown’s return didn’t help us either! Ah well…

    Miss Y :)

  23. Hi Miss Yeomans,
    just wondering if you could please verify my books for the Premier’s Reading challange now that I have finshed Reptile Room THANK YOU.
    From Grace.

  24. Hi Grace

    I have verified your books for the PRC.

    Congratulations on your FABULOUS effort reading 21 books for the PRC!! Did you think you could read that many books?

    I can see that you have chosen “Just a Dog” as your favourite book…I’m not surprised!

    Keep up your great reading Grace…

    Miss Y :)

  25. Hi every one!

    I just want to put in that the Reading Challenge has helped me heaps! With things like my reading goal this year, my spelling, my writing, my vocab but most of all my enthusiasm with my reading.

    I love the Reading Challenge!!!!

    From Calista P 6KC

  26. Hi everyone,
    I am really hooked on the Premiers Reading Challenge. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a new book for me to read! An amazing book you guys can try is Two Weeks With the Queen by Morris Gleitzman, it’s my favourite book! So far I have read about 10 books for the challenge. Good Luck to all of the contestants and thankyou Miss.Y for introducing this challenge to me and the rest of the school!

    From Laura M, 6SC.

  27. Hey Miss Y,

    I am really glad I joined the Premiers Reading Challenge because I have started to read a great series of books called The Floods. I am now up to number 4 (Survivor) and I am really enjoying it!!!
    The only problem is now that when I am finished the whole series I don’t know what to read!!!!!!
    Please write back and tell me a good book to read.
    Yhank you!


  28. Hi Calista

    I am thrilled to hear how much of a positive impact the Premiers’Reading Challenge has had on both your learning and your reading enjoyment. Thank you for letting people know about some of the benefits!

    I have loved seeing you come rushing into the LRC to borrow the next book in The Floods series!

    Congratulations on choosing to participate in the Reading Challenge.

    Miss Y :)

  29. Hi Laura

    It’s great to hear that you are really enjoying the reading Challenge!

    I can highly recommend that you read Morris Gleitzman’s latested book “Too Small to Fail”.

    Kim :)

  30. Hi Mia

    I am so pleased to see you have found a series that you enjoy! I think it has been terrific that a small group of girls from 6KC are supporting each other in the Reading Challenge – it helps keep you motivated too!

    It’s always a bit tricky when you finish a great series because you want to keep reading great books! When you need a new series come and see me in the LRC and I’ll show you some possibilities….

    Keep up your great reading Mia!

    Miss y :)

  31. Hi Miss Y 😀

    I’ve read 17 PRC list books and 5 choice books, but on the chart, none of the choice book bars were coloured in as completed. Is that okay?
    Have a great weekend! THANK YOU!

    Monica 5D 😉

  32. Hi Anna

    It’s great to hear you enjoyed the PRC last year and would like to participate again this year!

    If you read carefully in the blog post you will see that you need to bring me a note from your parents.

    Miss Y :)

  33. Hi,

    I am the first person in the WHOLE school that has submitted to the reading challenge 2012
    I am so excited!

    Thank you for putting me in the reading challenge.

    From Emily O 5VW

  34. Yay Emily!

    Congratulations on being the FIRST person to sign up for the PRC for 2012!

    It’s great to see your enthusiasm for reading. I hope you enjoy lots of great books during the Challenge.

    Miss Y :)

  35. Hey Miss Y,
    I get my note because I would like to start recording I love reading it is one of my favorite things to do so thanks

    From Emily O

  36. Hi Emily

    I will start registering people shortly. You can record the books you have read in your school diary until you are registered.

    Miss Y :)

  37. Dear Miss Y,

    I have a question I would like to ask. When I log in I see this section where there are favorite books in Year 3,each has been voted for. I would also like to vote but I don’t know how. Please could you tell me how to vote.

    From Viduni 😀

  38. Hi Viduni

    If you pop into the LRC this week I’ll show you how to mark a book a “favourite”. I hope you have enjoyed reading lots of books over the term break!

    See you in the LRC this week…

    Miss Y :)

  39. Hi Miss Y
    Wen we finish reading 15 books for the premiers reading challenge do we keep filling our books out, cause I’m nearly finished 15 books!
    Anna 5VW

  40. Hi Anna

    Firstly, congratulations on a fabulous reading effort! You were right when you said you read a lot of books over the holidays!

    If you have read the required 15 Challenge books you have officially completed the PRC and I will verify your books when you have listed them all as finished.

    You can continue to add any books you have read until the PRC finishes. (I think is a great way to keep a record of your reading!) OR you can just list the books you’ve read for the PRC.

    If you need any further explanation you’re welcome to come and see me in the LRC.

    Miss Y :)

  41. Hi Miss Y,
    I have read the 15 books in the reading challenge and now I am up to the choice books.
    If you verify my books can I still do the choice books ? Can I do as many choice books as I want ?

    From Hannah:D

  42. Hi Hannah

    Congratulations on your fabulous effort to have completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge!

    I have verified your books and can see you’ve really enjoyed the Alice-Miranda series. (Me too!)

    Yes, you can continue to add Choice and Challenge books to your list. (There’s room for 100 books.) This is a great way to keep a record of how many books you’ve read!

    Keep reading…

    Miss Y :)

  43. Hi Miss Y,
    Thankyou for answering my questions.
    Can I suggest a book for next year ?
    From Hannah:D

  44. Hi Hannah

    Of course you can suggest a book for the PRC! They would welcome recommendations of great books.

    Check the book isn’t on any PRC List before you add it.

    I’m happy to help you at school if you need it.

    Miss Y :)

  45. Thank you miss Y the password and user name worked!:D

    I also found out “Holes” is a 5 star book. Have a good time on the holidays!

    Martin B

  46. Hi Martin

    I’m glad to hear everything is working. I hope you have read some great books over the holidays!

    Miss Y :)

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