Twig by Aura Parker

Twig is a delightful picture book written and illustrated by Aura Parker that Year Ones have enjoyed reading in the library. It is filled with colourful insects that are fun to identify and count and contains an important message about making friends in the school playground.

Heidi is a stick insect starting at Bug school, but she is finding it hard to make friends when she is camouflaging herself too well and the other students can’t see her! Thank goodness her teacher Miss Orb comes up with a plan where everyone can help Heidi…

The Year Ones watched the book trailer for Twig for a ‘taste’ of the story

The Year Ones learned how to draw Heidi with Aura

First they watched the video below of Aura drawing Heidi and then we all drew along step by step with Aura as I stopped the video. The Year Ones also added something to Heidi to help her stand out and be seen by her new friends in the playground…except for when she played Hide and Seek of course!

Illustrations of Heidi by 1GD, 1JM and 1MH

You can see all of the Year One illustrations and read Twig for yourself in our library….

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Mr Stink is coming to the Melbourne Arts Centre

There are lots of David Walliams fans at our library who will be excited to know that his book Mr Stink is going to be performed as a play in Melbourne during the school holidays. It will be at the Melbourne Arts Centre at the Playhouse from April 1- 9.

Click HERE for more information and to book your tickets.

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Welcome back Reading Ninjas!

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday and are ready for another great year of reading and learning in our LRC in 2017. 

This is the Year of the Reading Ninja…no book is safe!

 Watch the video clip below to see if you are a Reading Ninja….

We can be Reading Ninjas by…

  • Reading every day
  • Practising our reading skills
  • Choosing books we enjoy
  • Reading for pleasure and learning
  • Talking about books with other Reading Ninjas
  • Caring for our books

No book will be safe from being read in our library this year!

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