The Boy and the Spy Book Launch

This afternoon at Felice Arena’s Book Launch for The Boy and the Spy, I was thrilled to see one of our Year Three students there too. He and his mum had made a big effort to get to the Readings Kids Bookshop in Lygon Street after his football game! We are going to share this blog post…

Felice Arena’s Book Launch
(student guest post)

When I walked into the bookshop and I saw Felice I was like…WHAT?
Felice was dressed as a, hmm let me think…
An old grandpa?
Aha! I’ve got it!
Felice is dressed as the boy from ‘The Boy and the Spy’.

BUMP! 🙈  Who did I run into? MissY 😀  After a chat with Miss Y and Adrian Beck we had a wander around the the store and we all enjoyed an ‘Italiano’ biscuit.

Jerry Connolly read the first chapter of, ‘The Boy And The Spy’ to the crowd.
“Il ragazzo…..”
As I stood there and listened to the story I felt super engaged in the book!

I had my photo taken with Felice and he signed two books for me!

Felice had an impressively scrumptious cannoli cake to celebrate the launch of his book with his family, friends and fellow authors including Adrian Beck.

Felice told us that he has been writing children’s books for 20 years! The Boy and the Spy is a new direction for his writing and he is very excited about this book and the one he is currently writing.

Felice’s friend Gerry Connolly read the first chapter of The Boy and the Spy to us. We were transported to Sicily during WW2 and running breathlessly with Antonio to the top of il Diavolo as we listened to Gerry’s rich deep voice…I love being read to!

I wonder what Felice was thinking as he listened to his words being read aloud…

When we arrived we were all given a raffle ticket. The book launch ended with five lucky people’s names called out to receive a St Christopher medal as a special memento from the story (The Year 5s know why the medal is important in the story!).

Thank you for a fantastic book launch, Felice and giving us a little taste of Sicily on a Sunday afternoon.

ANZAC Day…For your tomorrow, we gave our today

A number of years ago I taught an ANZAC Day unit with Year 6 classes and we researched what every day life would have been like for the soldiers at Gallipoli. 

I also shared with them one of my favourite poems called Ninety Years Ago by Rupert McCall who is one of our modern Australian poets.  Rupert McCall wrote this poem to commemorate the 90 year anniversary of the Landing at Gallipoli.  He shared his poem on ANZAC Day on the beach at Anzac Cove at Gallipoli just as the sun was rising over the water. To this day it is still one of the most stirring ANZAC Day moments I have ever watched. You can read Rupert’s poem Ninety Years Ago below…

Ninety Years Ago by smotlrc on Scribd

One of the Year 6 students was so inspired by the poem that he wrote his own poignant version of Ninety Years Ago that you can listen to here Ninety Years Ago – adapted by Chris B

The Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2013. 

When you go home
Tell them of us and say
“For your tomorrow,
We gave our today.
(John Maxwell Edmunds)

The Boy and the Spy Book Launch

Felice Arena invites YOU to help him celebrate his new book The Boy and the Spy

There will also be a special surprise guest doing a reading-performance from the book.

Felice is currently writing his next book which is another historical fiction story. Here he is writing at one of his favourite libraries which he likes to call his ‘office’…