As the River Flows by Year Four for Mrs Stewart

In Term Three, I lent the Year Fours the picture book A River written and illustrated by Marc Martin for their Inquiry unit about water. I hoped Marc’s visually stunning and thought provoking book about a river’s journey would inspire them…and it certainly did!

What happened was a wonderful collaboration between the students in 4G, 4VT and 4W, their creative teachers and our fabulous Art teacher, Yvonne to create their own book as a gift for our principal, Mrs Stewart as she leaves our school. Mrs Stewart loves metaphors and the Year Fours have used the river to beautifully capture Mrs Stewart’s journey at St Martin’s in their book As the River Flows.

Make sure you select the whole screen option so you can read the text…

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6 thoughts on “As the River Flows by Year Four for Mrs Stewart

  1. What a wonderful example of how books extend and reflect our experiences….have you shared with Marc….l think he would be more than flattered.

  2. Thanks Jo!

    Yes, I sent Marc the link to our blog via Twitter. I hope Marc enjoys seeing how he has inspired our students.

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Hi Miss Y,

    The Year four children really enjoyed making this book. It was a great opportunity to use the combination of art, literature and metaphors as vehicles for new learning. They are very proud that Mrs Stewart has a lasting memory of them. Big thanks to Yvonne our art specialist who made this happen!

    From Ms. Tieppo

  4. Hi Miss Y,
    What a wonderful book that Mrs Stewart will certainly treasure. Well done all who contributed to its production.

  5. WOW! Absolutely beautiful! Amazing work from 4G, 4VT and 4W. Such fabulous work from these students! Well done! Thanks for sharing.
    Marc Martin

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