Gibblewort the Goblin

The Year Two classes have enjoyed listening to the adventures of Gibblewort the Goblin by Victor Kelleher and illustrated by Stephen Michael King.

The students had fun writing postcards from Gibblewort to the goblins back in Ireland. They used their wonderful imaginations to create scary, fun and dangerous adventures for Gibblewort in various places around Australia and even our library! Students made their own Gibblewort character and put him into a brown paper bag like the postbag Gibblewort travelled around Australia in his stories.  Don’t forget to read their fabulous postcards when you visit the LRC…

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2 thoughts on “Gibblewort the Goblin

  1. Thanks Miss Y for your creative ideas to engage the students with reading.
    I can’t wait to see all the Gibblewort characters that the Yr 2 students have made.
    Mrs S

  2. Hi Mrs S,

    Reading also sparked lots of fabulous writing ideas for the Year 2s, I’m sure you will enjoy reading their postcards as well as their Gibbleworts.

    Miss Y 🙂

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