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I have been working on a website for our LRC. You can find it by clicking on the LRC Website page at the top of our blog.   

What else do you think I should add to our website? 

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5 thoughts on “LRC Website

  1. The website is looking great Miss Y – I’m planning one for us for next year, so it was great to see what you’re doing with yours.

    I love the way you have videos to show about things. It makes them much easier to understand.

    Mrs H xo

  2. Thanks Mrs H!

    The website is a “work in progress” for now, but I’ve finally made a start!

    Have a fabulous Term 4…

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Miss Y
    How exciting .. Will be a huge task but will be amazing.. I have been brainstorming and came up with these suggestions –
    Favourite/new authors section?
    Memorable quotes from books?
    Favourite poem section?
    Children’s own poetry section?
    Children’s own stories section?
    Favourite illustrators?
    Children’s own drawings/illustrations inspired by books and illustrators?
    Book reviews by children with star rating?
    What about letters to and from authors ? (Children can put copies of letters and replies .. May inspire students to write to authors call it ‘Up Close and Personal’? Could even contain photos of students meeting authors …
    That’s my contribution!

  4. Hi MS

    Thanks for your fabulous ideas! I’ll definitely have a think about them. I’m still working out what is best for the blog and website.

    Early on in the life of the LRC Blog we had our Illustrators Gallery It might be time to bring it back! We have our Ripper Reads section on the blog that also needs reviving. I also like the “Up Close and Personal” idea!

    It’s a big challenge keeping everything going online as well as in the LRC …maybe I could just do the LRC Blog and website as my full time job…

    Miss Y 🙂

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