7 thoughts on “Miss Y’s Reading Hour with The 26-Storey Treehouse

  1. Hi Miss Y
    I had a great Reading Hour. My mum and I read The 13-storey Treehouse together yesterday. Even though I have read it so many times, I still love it. The 26 storey Treehouse looks great as well. I wonder if the Maze of Doom is like the one the Grade 6s went in on camp. It took a long time for us to get out. I really enjoyed DEAR day on Friday and everyone looked great in their pyjamas, champion or hero outfit. I loved your READ glasses with your matching purple pyjamas. Thank you for organising a great day on Friday. I am sure everyone liked it.
    From Monica in 6C 🙂

  2. Hi Monica

    Thank you for your comment.

    I’m sure you and your mum had lots of fun sharing The 13-Storey Tree House for the Reading Hour!

    The Maze of Doom isn’t a maze you would want to enter…you might never come out!!

    Our DEAR day was lots of fun and I was thrilled to see so many students in their pyjamas or dressed as reading Champions or Reading Super Heroes – there are lots of creative thinkers in our school!

    I’d love to be able to wear my pyjamas to school every Friday! Do you think Mrs Stewart woule agree?

    I loved my READ glasses too – maybe I could stick the letters on my reading glasses!

    See you in the LRC this week Monica…

    Miss Y 🙂

  3. Dear Miss Y

    I really like the 26 storey-tree house a lot. 🙂 😛
    I liked the part where they had ice-cream. I like that because Terry had all 78 flavours. It shows ALL the flavours. Very good. 9.5/10. The less .5 is because there is lots of story telling about how they met. That’s not bad, it’s just a bit repetitive.


  4. Hi Raffael,

    You and I both liked the same part of “The 26-Storey Tree House” I love the 78 flavours of ice-cream and the fun illustrations Terry has done for each flavour – he is so creative!

    I would like to know how Andy and Terry work together on their books. Do they brainstorm ideas together or does Andy do the writing and then Terry illustrates?

    It is amazing that they have worked on so many books together over a long time and continue to be so popular!

    Miss Y 😀

  5. I haven’t read it but I really want to but there’s no where around my area to get the book 🙁

  6. Thank you for your comment.

    As I’m not sure where you come from, I wonder if your local library might have a copy you could borrow…

    Miss Y 🙂

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