LRC Update

The LRC is on it’s way to becoming “the place to be” once again…

I’m sure you will all be pleased to hear that our LRC is beginning to look a lot like itself again after our Christmas Flood!

The plasterers have fixed the ceilings in the Picture Book section and the office.  The painters need to paint the ceilings and new skirting boards.  Keep your fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too long for the carpet tiles so we can return the shelving and books to the Picture Book section and the Circulation Desk can be put back in.

The saddest part for me has been going through the damaged books and seeing so many of our “favourites”  as well as much anticipated new books with water damage or mould on them.  I hope Ward Sagar will be able to help us replace as many books as possible so we can continue to read and enjoy them.

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3 thoughts on “LRC Update

  1. Thank you Miss Yeomans for all the work you are doing each day to replace damaged books and to return things to the LRC office.
    Thank you for using your precious holiday time to get the LRC ready for school.
    We are lucky that the workers were able to fix the LRC so quickly. Some people are still waiting to hear from builders to assist them with their storm damage.
    Trish Stewart

  2. Hi Mrs Stewart

    I’ve only been popping in a few hours at a time and I’m having this week at home! It’s very important to me to have our LRC up and running as soon as possible so we can start celebrating the National Year of Reading.

    After seeing the damage from the QLD Floods last year, I knew we could have had so much more damage done. Yesterday in The Age, I read about the devastating damage at Eltham College and once again I reflected on how lucky we were. You can read the article

    Thank you Mrs Stewart for giving up your holiday time to organise the insurance assesors, builders, painters and carpenters to fix up our LRC for us.

    Keep resting that leg!!

    Miss Y 😀

  3. Thanks Miss Yeomans for sending me the link to Eltham College. So sad for their school community. I live about 1 km away from Eltham College and we had so much hail on Christmas Day that my son made a snowman with the hailstones. The hailstones followed by torrential rain stopped anyone from leaving Eltham to celebrate Christmas dinner with their families. Main Road in Eltham, at the end of our street, soon flooded and many homes had water rising up their walls.
    Now we see devastating floods again affecting Queensland. Australia’s weather changes from floods to bushfires.

    Trish Stewart

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