Goodbye to our special friend

On Friday, October 21st we lost a very special member of our St Martin’s community – our caretaker Mick Mulvenna passed away suddenly.  To us he was Mick and he was a friend to each of us…

Mick loved working at St Martin’s and he worked very hard making sure our school grounds were always neat and tidy.  Mick was easy to spot around the school in his shorts and work boots and in summer he always wore a white terry towelling hat for protection from the sun.  Most of all though, Mick was always wearing a smile and was happy to have a friendly chat with everyone.

These are some of the things Mick did…

    • Mowed the lawns and Pete’s Paddock
    • Tended the gardens for the school, Parish house and church
    • Pruned the roses
    • Cleaned up the leaves
    • Helped the children with the school Vegie garden
    • Picked up rubbish
    • Locked and unlocked the school gates to keep us safe
    • Got the footballs down from the roof
    • Did any job he was asked – with a smile

As a school we gathered together under the beautiful tree in front of the church to remember and say goodbye to Mick.  Mrs Snipe had placed a wheelbarrow in front of the tree as a memory of Mick.  We had all written about our memories of Mick and we placed all of these in the wheelbarrow and they will be given to Mick’s wife Colleen.

We have planted a rose in our Rose Garden in memory of Mick.  It is right near the school entrance where Mick regularly greeted visitors to the school when he was working in the garden.  Mick loved the North Melbourne football club (just like Miss Y ) so we have put a North Melbourne footy player at the bottom of Mick’s rose.

Thank you for caring for our school and us
Goodbye Mick…


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4 thoughts on “Goodbye to our special friend

  1. Thank you Miss Y for creating a visible display of the things we did to help us in our sadness. We have special memories of Mick. You listed the many tasks he did and as you said always with a smile.

    Each time we walk into the school we will think of Mick when we see the North Melb player beneath his rose. Perhaps when we think of Mick we will share a smile like he always did to all of us.

    Mrs Stewart

  2. Your post brought a tear to my eye – many school communities are blessed with special people like ‘Mick’. They are such an important part of our communities. It made me think – I will make sure I give our ‘Mick’ a special smile and thank you when I next see him.
    Thanks for reminding me to appreciate him.

  3. This is beautiful Miss Yeomans. Mick’s engagement with our community was something special. We were blessed to have had him with us and also blessed to have had each other through this difficult time. Mick’s smile will always be in our hearts.
    Thank you.
    Mrs Snipe.

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