Congratulations Alex!

Alex from 4V brought a visitor to the LRC during the week.  It was her very own Wild Thing!  Alex had entered  a colouring competition at Toys R Us for Where the Wild Things Are and  she won!  Alex won her own very cute and cuddly Wild Thing as well as a copy of the book by Maurice Sendak and a DVD of the movie.  

Alex (Medium)


Congratulations Alex!  🙂 

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0 thoughts on “Congratulations Alex!

  1. Hi Alex congratulations on winning the fluffy little Carol. I think it is really cute.

    Love Jordan 4V

  2. Hi Alex,
    Congratulations on winning the Wild Thing!!! I must say I would really like that as my own!!!!!!!!!

    From Ruby 🙂

  3. Well Done Alex! A big thank you to Miss Yeomans (the best LRC teacher in the world!) for putting this up on the SMOT LRC Blog. Regards Anabel (Alex’s Mama)

  4. To Alex,

    Congratulations on winning the competition! Your Wild Thing looks so happy that you won him! I hope you have many fun adventures with your Wild Thing!!!!

    From Laura M 5c

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