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Amazing underwater handshake

August 23, 2009 by smotlrcblog · No Comments · Uncategorized



Click on this link to see more  amazing photos  of diver Marco Queral meeting a 15 metre female humpback whale in Hawaii. 

Marco Queral said  ‘Their enormous size itself must be considered as an immediate life-threatening danger.  I must be very cautious when they approach and investigate me.  I believe they are gentle by nature but I am always aware their kind greeting of a tail swing may easily kill me by accident.  Also, they are usually more shy and cautious toward humans and boats than dolphins are, perhaps because they are not so accustomed to seeing humans offshore.  I think their bashfulness and timidity have been ingrained into their DNA as they have been chased and hunted by humans for centuries.’


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  • Taylor

    Hi Miss Yeomans,

    What an amazing underwater handshake!! The photos I looked at were great. See you soon.

    Taylor 2D

  • vincent

    I can’t believe it is even possible it must be a trained whale because all the whales I know don’t do that EVER!

    Vincent 5C

  • brooke

    thats amazing, that man would have been really amazed, and that is a really talented


  • Joel F

    Hi it is Joel

    That picture is awesome! I would love to be that person with that whale. It would be so cool.

    From Joel F 2ed

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